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Careers in Maritime Industry

Seattle Maritime Academy offers a variety of programs to train the next generation of mariners. Our graduates fill vital roles in the maritime sector, including in commercial and passenger transportation, commercial fishing, deep sea sailing and the workboat industry.

Employment Opportunities

The maritime industry is an exciting field offering:

  • Great pay and benefits with career advancement opportunities
  • The opportunity to work with your hands in the outdoors, and to travel at-sea
  • The ability to build your knowledge and skills in problem-solving, critical thinking and quickly adapting to changing situations
  • Training to be part of a dynamic team that works together to solve problems
Marine Engineering Technology career opportunities
Maritime building in Ballard

Seattle Central College opens new Seattle Maritime Academy building

Seattle Central College’s Seattle Maritime Academy in Ballard is experiencing big changes. Our new, 24,000-square-foot building includes classrooms, simulation labs, a library, a conference room and more. Current and future mariners can build their skills in this modern facility and on our fleet of commercial vessels.

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My favorite part of the Deck Program is that they have a vessel to take us out on. It really helps to apply the material that we are learning in a classroom to what will be expected at a job. They do a really good job at making things realistic and preparing you for the workforce after you graduate.
— Malin Lunsford, Marine Deck Technology student at Seattle Central’s Seattle Maritime Academy.
MalinMalin Lunsford, Maritime student


Seattle Maritime Academy
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