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For Students

For Students

We are committed to your success! Here are some of the resources available at Seattle Central College and at the Seattle Maritime Academy location to support your academic journey.

Academic Planning

Counselor Arnold Hammie (Arnold.Hammie@seattlecolleges.edu) can provide support and direction as you pursue your educational goals. In addition, the Seattle Maritime Academy faculty and staff can help you navigate your education and career planning.

Internships & Careers

Are you looking for a maritime job? The Seattle Maritime Academy faculty and staff work with leaders in the industry to identify career opportunities for our students. You can also learn more about maritime careers via the following links:

In addition, Seattle Central’s Career Services Center provides you with workshops, resources and other services to help you land a job. You can also check out the resources available on Career Hub, which can help you transition from school to industry.

As a student in the Seattle Maritime Academy, you will participate in an at–sea internship during your last quarter. In order to do so, you must perform the following:

  • Undergo a benzene screening (for tankships)
  • Pass a US DOT Drug Test

Contact the Seattle Maritime Academy for more information.

Preparation & Equipment Needs

Seattle Maritime Academy does not promote any particular brand. The links provided are for example only.

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