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Professional Development

Professional Development

For Maritime Industry

Seattle Maritime Academy provides customized professional development training to private sector companies, government agencies, military units and unions. Our high-quality, hands-on training can help professional mariners work towards upgrading or renewing licensing requirements, prepare for United States Coast Guard assessments and learn the skills needed to advance their careers.

Professional Development & Skill Building for Credentialed Mariners

Gain at-sea simulation experiences to build skills in vessel handling, radar, Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) and engineering.
Practice working with marine engines (diesel and electrical), hydraulics and refrigeration systems.

Contact us to learn more about our new simulation suite and to schedule a “needs assessment” for customized professional development.

Fishing Industry

Fishing Vessel Engineer License

The Seattle Maritime Academy offers a 3–module course designed for mariners to build the knowledge and skills required to qualify for a commercial fishing license. The modules will cover:

  • General Electrical and Refrigeration Systems
  • Marine Diesel Engines and Auxiliary Boilers
  • Safety–Emergency Equipment and Lifesaving Devices

The three 55–hour modules meet for two weeks, and allow you to complete the coursework while meeting employer commitments. You have the flexibility to begin with any module but must complete all three modules within one calendar year. You may take this United States Coast Guard–approved course in lieu of passing the U.S. Coast Guard exam licensing requirement.


EPA Refrigeration Technician Exam – 7317 CSS 122

These exams will certify you for certification as an EPA–approved Refrigeration Technician for candidates seeking either Type I, Type II, Type III and/or Universal certification. Call the Seattle Maritime Academy to schedule an appointment.


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