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About the Program

Taught in the new Seattle Maritime Academy facilities, this program combines practical shipboard experience and simulator exercises with formal instruction on marine propulsion plants, auxiliary machinery, electrical systems and hydraulic equipment.

Marine Engineering training

Career Opportunities

With a Marine Engineering Technology certificate, you will be prepared to work on the engine side of vessel operations. Engineers on vessels typically do the following:

  • Maintain the ship’s electrical, refrigeration and ventilation systems
  • Start the engine and regulate the vessel’s speed, based on the captain’s orders
  • Record information in an engineering log
  • Keep an inventory of mechanical parts and supplies
  • Perform routine maintenance checks throughout the day
  • Calculate refueling requirements

Industry Certification

Upon completing this program, graduates will be:

  • Eligible to upgrade with the following engine room (QMED) ratings: Electrician, Oiler, Pumpman/Machinist Mate, Refrigerating Engineer and Junior Engineer
  • Qualified for STCW “Ratings Forming Part of an Engine-Room Watch” endorsement

After three months additional service at sea, you will also be eligible for the Lifeboatman endorsement.

You may work as a General Marine Engineer, an Oiler, a QMED (Qualified Member of the Engineering Department) or a Junior Engineer. Your primary duty would be to assist the more experienced engineers to keep the propulsion and mechanical systems in working order. An engineer at this level would typically be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Lubricate gears, shafts, bearings, and other parts of the engine or motor
  • Read pressure and temperature gauges and record data
  • Help engineers with repairs to machinery
  • Connect hoses, operate pumps and clean tanks
  • Assist the deck crew with loading or unloading of cargo
Marine Engineering Technology career opportunities
Engine Room training

Gainful Employment

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